The Podcast

An Intergenerational Mother/Daughter Conversation
Real Talk With Deb & Nia is a mother/daughter intergenerational deep-dive into topics, both broad and specific, from home-schooling to life-schooling and young adulthood to elder-caregiving. We share our successes, losses, challenges, and epiphanies with an openness and vulnerability we hope will liberate our audience (and ourselves) to live life free from unnecessary boundaries, judgement and self-flagellation.
Real Talk’s goal is to encourage more vibrant communication, and provide tools and ideas for relationship-building. Join us on this journey into some of the crucial conversations that lay a foundation for a lifetime of intergenerational understanding and abundant mother/daughter love.
Our podcast is dedicated to the memory of our beloved mother/grandmother, Connie, who began the vibrant, love-filled, life-affirming conversations that we continue today.
A Journey of Sharing, Expansion & Love

Our Mission

The mission of Real Talk is to provide our audience with engaging, inspiring, entertaining and transformative information that can be used to support personal growth, enhance relationships, foster understanding, facilitate healing, and deepen intergenerational bonds.
“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.”

-Vernon Howard

Our Audience
We serve mothers and daughters (or sons willing to come to the table) who appreciate humor and are:
  • Open to “out-of-the-box” ideas
  • Invested in their relationships
  • Interested in personal and relational growth
  • Intrigued by expansion-producing information & ideas
  • Searching for sanctuary
  • Ready to heal hurts
  • Wanting to develop deeper connections
  • Growth-mindset oriented
  • Looking for hope
  • Committed to personal & relational growth
Engaging. Enlightening. Entertaining.

The Conversation

We are a quirky (formerly homeschooling) mother/daughter team who have joined forces to create a safe space for those who want to embrace the road less traveled. “Real Talk” is born from our joint desire to help other families persevere and thrive through relational “growing pains”.
Our life adventure has sometimes been messy, often been chaotic, occasionally felt devastating and has never been predictable. We don’t believe we’re alone.
Fortunately, this sojourn has also been full of love, laughter and priceless “a-ha” moments. We’d love to share!
So, if you are looking to have a couple of crazy life-travel buddies, join us for engaging discussions that are sprinkled with humor and marked by vulnerability. We’ll share everything from our triumphs to tragedies.
Some of the many topics we’ll cover include :



Expert Interviews

Mindset/ Mindfulness




Spiritual Wellbeing