December 01, 2021


As we explored “vibrant living” in Season 2, we knew it was imperative that we add conversations on money and finances.  Join us, as we reflect on past chats with guest experts who provided insight on  a range of topics from money mindset and investing to budgeting and ways to secure your lifestyle as you age.  In addition to hearing snippets from these information-dense episodes, we share some of the growth we’ve experienced based on what we’ve learned.

This is a great way to  to learn about money and finances, and get a taste of what you can expect in the full episode! Each money chat provides  beneficial, actionable money ideas and information. So if you’re serious about increasing your financial quotient, you’ll want to listen to them all!

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Highlighted in this episode:

S2:E9 (29) – Crucial Conversations: Money & Aging (Guest: Cameron Huddleston)

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S2:E10 (30) –  Dollars & Sense: The Truth About Women & Money (Guest: Victoria Sexton)

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S2:E11 (31)  Dollars & Sense: Fearless & Feminine Investing (Guest: Victoria Sexton)

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S2:E19  (39) The Intentional Budget: Funding Your Goals (Guest: Amy Scott)

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Death is a scary prospect for many. Few of us want to think about the inevitable end of our life journey. Yet it’s important that our children are equipped with the tools they need to sort out our financial affairs. Parents and children alike should tune-in for tips, strategies, and money conversation-starters that could bridge this sometimes-challenging generation gap.  (S2:E9)

Join this encouraging conversation as our guest, Victoria Sexton, dispels some common erroneous perceptions about women and money. Leave empowered by the truth. Then, share the episode with a friend! (S2:E10)

In this episode we discuss how women can fearlessly use their natural feminine instincts to successfully navigate the world of investing. Be sure to stay tuned until the end for a very special offer that is guaranteed to boost your money confidence, and just might change your financial future! (S2:E11)

The benefits of budgeting are endless, and now you (and your partner) can discuss money without the tension. Join our conversation with Financial Coach Amy Scott to find out how you can create a financial plan that considers preferences, preserves relationships and supports the achievement of your life goals. (S2:E19)

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