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November 17, 2021



We’ve spent the last year actively looking for the blessings in our lives. We never had to dig deep when it came to the Real Talk podcast! Every guest generously shared their unique genius with candor and vulnerability. The goal was to present diverse perspectives and actionable wisdom. And our intention was personal expansion for all. All of our guests understood the assignment.

Join us for a taste of our journey and a few sips of the delicious “tea” served up in Season Two. Then,  if you’re as serious about growing yourself, improving your relationships and supercharging your life as we are, we invite you to go back and drink from the full cup.  You are not going to want to miss a drop!

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Highlighted in this episode:

S2:E1 (21) – Purpose & Calling: A Reason to Live (Guest: Dn. Joseph Ferrari, PhD)

S2:E2 (22) –  A Different Calling: A Mother’s ADHD Story (Guest: Shelley Lipman)

S2:E3 (23)  Phoenix Rising: A Domestic Violence Story (Guest: Dr. Kathie Mathis) 

S2:E4  (24) Change Your Mind: Meet Your Theta Brain (Guest: Dr. Teri Mahaney)

S2: E8 (28)- Feel the Power: Energetic Healing (Guest: Beth McGill)

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(Our toughest struggles can produce our greatest gifts.)

Season 2 Episodes

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  • Love learning from this mother daughter duo!

    Deb & Nia are so easy to listen to! They bring on dynamic guests and ask questions from a space of learning themselves. I love the rapport between this mother daughter team and look forward to more episodes!

    "Real Talk" Listener
  • Mothering kids with ADHD

    I’m a new listener and love the tone and intentions of this mother-daughter duo! The interview with Shelley Lipman was full of inspiration and a sense of the importance of passionately mothering kids with any extraordinary need.

    "Real Talk" Listener

In this first episode of our “Vibrant Living” series, we welcome our favorite scientist, Dr. Joseph R. Ferrari, to discuss “purpose”. Find out what it is, what it does and why it’s important to leading a more healthy, meaningful, joyous and fulfilled life. From secular to spiritual, you’ll find tips to assist you in uncovering your unique reason for being. (S2:E1)

ADHD is often cast in a negative light, especially regarding children. Even the word “deficit” speaks to the outdated idea that there is something that one lacks. Today, Shelley Lippman, the mother of three (two have a learning difference), talks to us about how her call to be a parent led to an even greater calling than she could have imagined. (S1:E2)

Dr. Kathie Mathis, Psy.D, D.D. is a true warrior. A former victim of domestic violence, she  transformed tragedy into triumph. Her ability to see the blessings in her story allowed her to find a self-worth and self-love that ignited a passionate calling that is now saving and changing lives. (S1:E3)

A leading expert on the brain and performance, Dr. Teri has studied how our limiting beliefs and the conditioned messages that have worked their way into our non-conscious brains over our lifetimes can impact our lives. Her Change Your Mind (SuperSleep) program is designed to help people clear the non-productive stories that have invaded their minds by rewriting the script when the brain is in a theta sleep state. Part 1 of 4 (S2:E4)

Ready to “change your mind” about relationships? In episode two of our Change Your Mind mini-series, we explore the role our theta brain stories and messages play in our relationships from casual to friendship and familial to romantic. Hear how you can overwrite your beta brain stories by changing your theta mind messages while you sleep. Part 2 of 4 (S2:E5)

Statistics indicate that women in our culture feel disempowered in our families, relationships, and in the workplace. According to Dr. Teri, attaining personal empowerment can be as simple as sleeping. Join us as we discuss how we can become empowered and find our way to success by using her Change Your Mind SuperSleep program. Part 3 of 4 (S2:E6)

We are having a non-denominational chat on the impact our unconscious minds has on our spirituality. Can we actually develop or deepen our spiritual connection as we sleep? Join us as leading expert on the brain and performance, Teri Mahaney, PhD shares her perspective, research and experience on the topic. Part 4 of 4 (S2:E8)

Since ancient times, energetic healing has been utilized to encourage vibrant health and physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Energetic Healer Beth McGill joins us today to tell us how we can attract more positive energy in our lives, discuss the importance of protecting our energy, and teach us how we can clear toxic energy from our lives. (S2:E8)

Finances can sometimes be a “taboo” topic in family homes for numerous reasons including shame, guilt, fear, ignorance, and even overwhelm. However, Cameron brings some “real talk” about a crucial conversation we need to have–ESPECIALLY with our children. (S2:E9)

Our money attitudes have a huge impact on not only how we manage money, but they also influence how we make financial decisions. Join this encouraging conversation as our guest, Victoria Sexton, dispels some common erroneous perceptions about women and money. Leave empowered by the truth. Then, share the episode with a friend! Part1/2  (S2:E10)

In this episode we discuss how women can fearlessly use their natural feminine instincts to successfully navigate the world of investing. Be sure to stay tuned until the end for a very special offer that is guaranteed to boost your money confidence, and just might change your financial future!  Part 2/2 (S2:E11)

Electromagnetic fields are being emitted all around us– through our smartphones, wireless routers, laptops, satellites, and countless SMART devices. This pulsating and perpetual radiation can have a negative impact on our health and well-being. Join us as we chat with Dr. Tracey Diner to learn more about electromagnetic fields and what we can do to safeguard our health while still enjoying our technologically exciting world. (S2:E12)

Love is everywhere! That’s the message our guest, Janet Grace brought us this week. After a near-death motorcycle accident, that resulted in myriad of things including: a cracked spine, a collapsed lung, and many, many facial surgeries.  Her road to recovery took her on a discovery of self, the grace of God, and the power that comes from loving more, and fearing less. (S2:E13)

Don’t miss our first-ever Community Chat with Dr. Teri Mahaney, PhD! In this follow-up episode, Deb and Nia share the impressive results of their experience using Dr. Teri’s Change Your Mind (SuperSleep) method. And Dr. Teri helps two of Real Talk’s listeners identify the possible origins of their own unconscious messages and recommends a personalized protocol for neutralizing them. (Part 1 of 2)  (S2:E14)

Don’t miss our first-ever Community Chat with Dr. Teri Mahaney, PhD! In this follow-up episode, Deb and Nia share the impressive results of their experience using Dr. Teri’s Change Your Mind (SuperSleep) method. And Dr. Teri helps two of Real Talk’s listeners identify the possible origins of their own unconscious messages and recommends a personalized protocol for neutralizing them. (Part 2 of 2)  (S2:E15)

How do we say “no” to people we care about when we need to do so? “No” is an important word in any relationship. Saying “no” means taking ownership over yourself and your time. This episode welcomes Jillian Christy, a couples’ relationship coach. Join us as we discuss the importance of boundaries and how they can enhance every type of relationship. (S2:E16)

From childhood, we have illusions of what a “good” mother looks like. She’s perfect, beautiful, capable, powerful, loving, attentive, smart, funny, forgiving, a great listener…and can leap tall buildings with a single bound! The reality is it’s an impossible, unrealistic and, frankly, unfair burden to place on a mere mortal. Join us as we give moms, and women, permission to slow down, find and nurture ourselves first. (S2:E17)

At age 16, against the odds, Lisa secured a spot in the coveted  Royal Ballet. However, after an injury made it unsafe for her to continue dancing, she made a graceful pivot towards something new. She applied the discipline and perseverance of her dance training to successfully step into the world of entrepreneurship and achieved even more success than she had ever dreamed. (S1:E17)

What are you waiting for? The benefits of budgeting are endless, and now you (and your partner) can discuss money without the tension. Join our conversation with Financial Coach Amy Scott to find out how you can create a financial plan that considers preferences, preserves relationships and supports the achievement of your life goals. (S1:E19)

We remain blessed by and infinitely grateful to ALL of our incredible guests for co-creating with us! Thank you for sharing your “genius” with such accessibility, vulnerability and candor. You have been an inspiration, an integral part of our success and a catalyst for change–for us and our audience. Real Talk Listeners, WE LOVE YOU! Your “tuning in” is our inspiration! Please KEEP GROWING WITH US.  The best is yet to come!

Special thanks to  Solid Host Design for audio editing services.

…And, that’s the “Tea”!  💕

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