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October 6, 2021


From childhood, we have illusions of what a “good” mother looks like. She’s perfect, beautiful, capable, powerful, loving, attentive, smart, funny, forgiving, a great listener…and can leap tall buildings with a single bound! The reality is it’s an impossible, unrealistic and, frankly, unfair burden to place on a mere mortal. Join us as we give moms, and women, permission to slow down, find and nurture ourselves first. Then we’ll all have more of our unique magic to generously share with others!



Many years ago, I started, but never finished Rene’ Syler’s book “Good Enough Mother”.  Sorry Rene’. Your portrayal of the moms who hand-sewed their kids’ costumes, prepared organic meals and volunteered turned me off. That. Was. My. Life. Even worse, the adjective “annoying” in front of Super-Mom was a colossal turn-off. It all flew in the face of what I believed to be a “good” mom. The inflection I heard while reading the title caused me to envision someone who was doing “just enough” to get by. This was not the kind of mother I wanted for my daughter. She deserved better.

What I didn’t realize then was I deserved better than an unrealistic, probably man-made, job description that could leave one feeling inadequate and depleted. Add homeschooling to the mix and the potential for burn-out on the “perfection plan” is imminent. Well, maybe not for everyone. However, we all get the same 24 hours in a day, and it’s doubtful that there is much time for mom if she is neck-deep in ensuring everyone else’s needs are being met.

What’s your story? Are you tired of being told that you need to be a superwoman? Our goal is to share stories and information that can help as you become the best version of yourself. You can take care of yourself, your family and your work without feeling guilty or overwhelmed.

Join us as we chat with Jessica Gershman, founder of “The Zen Mommy” (and host of the podcast “Mom, Slow Down!“), and learn how she found herself and makes time for vital self-care while joyfully balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Learn how you can prioritize your needs so that you can feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to tackle anything. Jessica’s vulnerability and candor make this an engaging, relevant episode that just might help you find your real inner SuperHero!


  • Re-define a “good enough” Mom
  • Learn how we can incorporate more self-care into our busy lives
  • Discover a relationship between self-awareness and yoga
  • Discuss the connection between self-awareness and vibrant living
  • Hear about the many health and life benefits of yoga
  • Find out how we can teach and model life-balance for our children

…And, much more!

Don’t wait to exhale!

Enjoy the “Tea”,

Deb (& Nia)

p.s. Ready to get started right now? Check out Jessica’s “The Zen Mommy” mobile app. You’ll find videos, guided meditation and mindfulness practices, gluten-free and dairy-free recipes and other health and wellness tips and tools designed to be easily integrated into your busy lifestyle.

“You are worth the quiet moment. You are worth the deeper breaths and you are worth the time it takes to slow down, be still, and rest.”       — Morgan Harper Nichols

Looking for ways to integrate more “just for you” time into your busy schedule? Jessica’s website, podcast and The Zen Mommy app offer numerous resources, tips, recipes and support designed especially for those of us who need (and deserve) to “slow down”, refresh and recharge!
GET SOCIAL:  You can follow Jessica on Instagram @the_zen_mommy where she connects with over 21k followers.

Mom, Slow Down! Host Jessica Nicole, has made it her mission to reframe the idea of what a “good mom” looks like. It is time to set aside the mom guilt, the shame, the isolation and come together as a community of like minded women who CAN have it all. With a background as a certified yoga instructor, foodie, and self love advocate, Jessica will have the tough conversations as we discuss topics ranging from health, sex, parenting, marriage, friendship and everything in between. We can have the life we have always dreamed of and she is here to get you there. Join us for an opportunity to laugh, share, and SLOW DOWN. Want more? Download the app, The Zen Mommy on Apple and Google Play.
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THE ZEN MOMMY APP contains Yoga videos to build the perfect daily practice that fits into your life. Guided meditation and mindfulness practices to help you slow down, breathe, and find your center. And, a library of gluten-free and dairy-free recipes to give you clean, healthy options that even picky eaters will love.
Plus, a free gratitude journal, access to live classes, deals on health & wellness products, and more!

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