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“Vibrant Living” Series


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July 7, 2021


We believe that vibrant living requires self-awareness, integrity, vulnerability, a growth mindset, an open heart, and the ability to release the false and limiting beliefs. Teri Mahaney, PhD, a leading expert on the brain and performance, has studied how our limiting beliefs and the conditioned messages that have worked their way into our non-conscious brains over our lifetimes can impact our lives. Her Change Your Mind (SuperSleep) program is designed to help people clear the non-productive stories that have invaded their minds by rewriting the script when the brain is in a theta sleep state. This first episode of our four-part mini-series covers what happens when we sleep, explains Dr. Teri’s research-based method and reveals why the SuperSleep method is so effective.  (Subsequent episodes focus on Relationships, Empowerment/Success, and Spirituality.)





Many have heard the phrase, “Change your mind, change your life”. The succinct statement advises, in very simple terms, that if you change the way you look at something, you’ll alter your perspective, and ultimately modify your behavior. The end result would be life changing. Dr. Teri Mahaney, PhD, created a program that claims to do just that –while you sleep!  

We think Dr. Teri’s work using theta brainwaves is a game-changer. We are big advocates of affirmations and have had some success with combining them with solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats. SuperSleep just seems different.

Perhaps it is the fact that Dr. Teri has done extensive research and possesses decades of experience on the brain and performance. Maybe it’s her commitment to crafting winning statements that get to the root of the ofttimes inadvertent and generally historical messages that lay buried in one’s “theta closet”- as she calls it. It could also be the fact that she has hundreds of success stories to her credit, including her own. Then there’s the bonus of not needing to use headphones to get the full benefit of SuperSleep. Sometimes it’s the small things. 😊

Whatever the reason, we’re really excited about this product, and we are just as intrigued and taken with SuperSleep’s creator! Dr. Teri’s accessible teaching, wonderful spirit, funny anecdotes, and witty sense of humor make this (and the following three episodes in this mini-series) informative, engaging, inspiring, and thought-provoking.

We highly recommend that you listen to all four episodes. They are filled with science made simple, actionable tips, case studies and information that just might be transformative. We have already taken the dive and are seeing subtle, but very real changes. We will keep you updated on our experiences.

If, after listening, this resonates for you as a way to dump your own non-conscious, unconstructive messaging, we encourage you to take action. It’s very reasonably priced and we’d love to hear your success stories!

In this four-part mini-series we explore the many areas in which changing your mind can yield impressive, positive results that just might allow you to live a more full and vibrant life.



  • Find out how the brain processes and stores information that can affect our behavior
  • Discover why it can be difficult to release limiting beliefs and what needs to happen to do so
  • Gain a basic understanding of alpha, beta and theta brain waves
  • Discover how conditioned messages can get in the way of living more vibrantly
  • Hear about how and why SuperSleep works
  • Hear about numerous interesting and successful case studies

…And, much more!


Enjoy the “Tea”,

Deb (& Nia)

p.s. Ready to learn more? Check out the SuperSleep website.



“Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”  ~ George Bernard Shaw



Resources & Links:
Learn more about the Dr. Teri Mahaney, PhD and the Change Your Mind/SuperSleep program at either of the websites below.



FREE MP3s for kids who have been bullied.
Check out the RESEARCH and WHY Change Your Mind works (FREE).
Find out more and order Change Your Mind MP3s. (Buy 3/ Get 1 Free)
On a budget?  Create your own personal recordings using Dr. Teri’s how-to book and background music. Order your copy of Change Your Mind while you sleep: Workbook – A Step by Step Guide to Create Recordings that Change your Life  
REMINDER:  Dr. Teri advises those who decide to purchase the SuperSleep recordings to read the about what you might experience as you go through the process, particularly during the first ten days. During the first 10 days of processing, she also recommends that you avoid making major decisions such as buying a house or agreeing to get married.
The book Dr. Teri mentioned.  Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential , Barbara Marx Hubbard  (Amazon 





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