May 5, 2021


What’s your life “story”? Are your fears dictating your decisions? Are you engaged in relationships or situations that don’t serve you? Are life’s stressors robbing you of your peace of mind or health? Or, do you live in the moment- a state of flow that allows you to remain balanced regardless of life’s twists and turns? Join us as we serve up the tea on the dangers of living from a place of fear and how, through self-mastery, we can find ourselves living abundant and joyous lives.




Our third episode in the Self-Mastery series puts Creative Media & Story Coach Deb in the hot seat. The Tea?  We chat about what it means to live in either a fear, force, or flow state.

Many of us make fear-based decisions that could hinder us from living our best lives and experiencing all that life has to offer. Or, perhaps we try to force situations or relationships that don’t work for us and create unnecessary, extra stress in our lives.

As we learned with Dr. Ferrari in our episode on Procrastination, stress leads to a plethora of health issues, including: headaches, heartburn, higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, migraines, stress on your nervous system, and more.

If we want to live a  balanced, joyful, free, healthy, and abundant life, we need to start addressing our fears, assuming responsibility for our actions, and opening ourselves up to the endless possibilities life has to offer. We need to live in a state of flow.

What is flow, you ask? Well, join us on our next stop on this self-mastery journey to find out.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The dangers of living from a place of fear.
  • The science behind fear.
  • The relationship between fear and stress.
  • The physical, mental and emotional impact of stress.
  • How to overcome your fears.
  • How to change the “stinkin’ thinkin’” and negative talk that goes on in your mind.
  • The negative effects of forcing a situation that doesn’t serve you.
  •  How your thoughts and attitude affect your life
  • The importance of an open mind.
  • What it means to live in a state of flow
  • Stress-busting “flow” tips designed to help you become the hero in your life story
  •  Book resources & more.


Join us on your favorite podcast platform! Live Fear-LESS-ly!

Enjoy the “Tea”,
Nia (& Deb)
p.s. Don’t forget to download your FLOW TIPS infographic below.  🙂

Resources & Links:
2015 Donald B. Giddon Lecture: The Brain on Stress | Bruce S. McEwen, PhD. View Video Here. (Available on YouTube) – The Science behind the brain’s stress response.
Neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman | Rich Roll Podcast, Change Your Brain.  View Video Here  (Available on YouTube) 
Dr. John Kenworthy, Your Brain On Anxiety & Stress. View Short Video Here  (Available on YouTube)
Cynthia Hall – Toxic Stress and the Brain – A Cognitive Whiteboard Animation (The Impact of toxic stress, childhood adversity and fear on children.)



The Four Agreements: don Miguel Ruiz: Origins of Belief
Man’s Search for Meaning, Victor Frankl: The Benefit of Suffering
Mind Hacking, Sir John Hargrave: Reframe Your Thinking
Daring Greatly, Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability
The Alchemist, Paolo Coehlo: A Life Purpose Allegorical Adventure
The One Thing, Gary Keller: Practical Success Practices
Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman: What really drives success.
The Mastery of Self, don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.: Become More Self-Aware and Grow


Help Guide: Stress Management  (Article on 4 A’s of Stress Management)
Corbett Barr, Finding Your Life’s Flow (Insight and personal reflection on the journey to flow.)
Real Talk with Deb & Nia, The “Naughty Nine” Bad Word List to Delete from Your Internal Hard Drive (Deb’s top nine bad words and phrases to eliminate to improve your mindset.)
Healthline, Amygdala Hijack: When Emotion Takes Over. (Recognizing and dealing with an Amygdala Hijack.)
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