March 24, 2021


While none of the usual suspects from Alice’s Wonderland attended, we were delighted to have Purpose Pioneers’ Co-Founder, Thomas Waterman, join us for “tea”. We explored the compelling connections between creating vibrant, fulfilling personal relationships and cultivating rewarding, productive workplace environments. Can we intentionally develop soul-satisfying relationships in every area of our lives? You’ll need to tune in to find out. We promise that no one goes mad during this conversational adventure that winds deep down the rabbit hole of self-awareness, and lands in a place that might change how you do business and see personal relationships.




(Thomas on the impact purpose and awareness has on our personal and business lives.)


Our conversation with Thomas Waterman represented a departure from our usual “tea” parties. In addition to being our first gentleman caller, we also elected to modify our format a bit. This took us on a more windy path and resulted in an exciting, though slightly longer, discussion. 

During an intriguing preliminary chat with Thomas, he suggested an approach to our self-awareness theme that took a minute to grasp. New ideas often do. Could the same concepts one uses to build a viable business with a thriving culture be used to repair or revitalize personal relationships? And, did any of that have anything to do with self-awareness?

In the end, the possibilities that emerged from Thomas’ suggestion became apparent and exciting. Since, from a relational standpoint, personal and business concepts are often seen as very different, blending them in a compelling way was sure to be a challenge. This episode was destined to be a rabbit hole.

Nevertheless, making connections was one of the most fascinating and invigorating aspects of our homeschool journey. Discovering a relationship between two or more seemingly unrelated things can become the impetus for a tremendous critical thinking adventure. It can also unearth questions and reveal answers that lead to life-expanding epiphanies. And such is the joy of the strategic trip down the rabbit hole.

Our adventure with Thomas did not disappoint. What began as a curious exploration of a business model resulted in the realization that who we are and what we want in our professional and personal lives is really not that different. No spoilers! (Thomas says it better anyway.)

So, what can we reveal that we found at the bottom of the proverbial rabbit hole? Ourselves. For one, we are the common denominator in every area of our lives. Our self-awareness is critical to determining our values and boundaries. That knowledge can help us to make decisions that are in alignment with who we are and reveal crucial information that allows us to make loving decisions that result in more life satisfaction and joy.

Curious? Take a trip down this tea-time rabbit hole with us. We’d love to hear what treasures you find!



  • Discover that Business is a Love Story.
  • Chat about ways a business can be operationally efficient and effective AND create a thriving culture where people find meaning and fulfillment in their work.
  • Explore a unique model for evaluating and aligning our business (and relationships) with our purpose and values to create a more effective, loving and vibrant relational experience.
  • Talk about the business or personal transformation that can occur with things like clear commitments, regular coaching and accountability, and consistent feedback built into the relational model.
  • Discuss the value of self-awareness in choosing what we do and how we do it in our personal and professional lives.
  • Learn how values fit into our work and life equations.
  • Examine the connection between healthy businesses and healthy relationships.
  • Find out what can happen to a relationship when our purpose and values are not in alignment with the work we do or the people with whom we relate.
  • Identity things we can do to determine what we really value.
  • And. So. Much. More.


Here’s to a more purpose-full life for us all!

Enjoy the “Tea”,
Deb & Nia
p.s. If you are sharing this episode with your teen, or have delicate ears, please note that it contains some occasional “colorful” language. While it is certainly up to your personal parental discretion, we believe the potentially relationship-shifting ideas are worth sharing.

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