March 17, 2021


In this third episode of our self-awareness series, we address the reality of life’s stressors and challenges. From small frustrations to unimaginable losses, we all face tear-worthy times. Whether raindrops or full-blown tsunamis, for most women, tears are part of our emotional landscapes. During our “tea” time with Gina Bell of “Tears and Tulle”, we chat about a creative and novel way to lovingly embrace these moments and always remember our magic.



Life can occasionally (well, sometimes more than occasionally) throw us some curve balls. We’ve certainly dodged our fair share of hard, speeding fast balls that can knock the wind out of one’s sails. And, ofttimes, there are the attendant tears that we either fight back (not always the best idea), wash over us with a torrent (disconcerting to say the least), or leak from the reservoir of our tender hearts at unexpected and sometimes inopportune times. And such is a life lived from an open heart!

In celebration of Women’s Month, we invited Gina Bell, the founder of the “Tears & Tulle” Movement to share some “tea” on “tears”. It was a moving and inspiring conversation. It wasn’t at the forefront of our minds at the time, but the day marked the eve of the six month anniversary since Mom’s transition from this earthly plane. It was an unforgettable, unparalleled evening that was marked by gut wrenching pain and primal tears. In the end, the three of us lay in Mom’s bed for well over an hour–two crying like wounded animals and one, we’re sure, hovered over, holding us as close as the thin veil separating us would allow–offering comfort that was palpable.

The day after we chatted with Gina was the actual six-month anniversary. It wasn’t really on our minds. For, on that day, we stood in support of dear friends at a march and rally. Their grieving was fresh. They are a couple living a parental unimaginable–the loss of their only son. He was 19 and full of life. It was a life struck down unexpectedly and much too soon.

As I watched his beautiful mom bravely standing, and later speaking on behalf of her child, my heart broke. I imagine hers was crumbling. Yet, I thought, she too has a tulle skirt. She must have unknowingly fluffed it before she stood amongst this gathered mass to communicate the pain of her loss. She was asking for help in seeking justice and answers (that were not forthcoming) regarding how her son had come to no longer be there to tell her he loved her or relay the trivia of the day or annoy her or make her smile. She missed every little thing we sometimes take for granted.

Our tears mingled as they are wont to do when we live in that vulnerable space. They not only liberate us from our own pain; they connect us. It brought to mind another reason that Gina’s movement is so powerful and beautiful. Somehow, she paired and shared a beautiful colorful skirt, sprinkled it with the concept of self-awareness and tied it with a bow that connects us all. And then she wrote a beautiful book that drives the concepts home.

Whether your raindrop moment is the overwhelm from a kitchen that no one else seems to think needs cleaning, a frustrating day, an overwhelming life-season or the transition of a loved one, tears and tulle is a reminder that our magic remains–especially then.


  • How the gift of a colorful, beautiful tulle skirt sparked a movement?
  • What’s a “tear-time” season and why do they hit us so hard?
  • How can comparing ourselves to others can lead to self-judgment?
  • What’s the connection between a Ferris wheel and life-balance?
  • How can we use our tears to increase our self-awareness?
  • How can we allow our tears to remind us of our “tulle”?
  • How can we teach our children to embrace their tears?
  • Why are our tears so powerful?
  • How can we support one another in remembering our tulle even as our tears flow?
  • Hear about an upcoming surprise just for men.
  • And, much more!


Keep Fluffing Your Own Magical Skirt!

Enjoy the “Tea”,
Deb & Nia
p.s. Consider purchasing one of Gina’s beautiful books as a visual reminder. We’ll be ordering our own and one for my brave, beautiful mama friend who is in the middle of a magical moment.

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