March 3, 2021


Join us for a crucial conversation on self-awareness. What is it? Why is it imperative that we have it? How can we raise our Self-Awareness Quotient? And, how can we begin to have more meaningful conversations with our children, particularly our daughters, about who we and they are and who we are both becoming. Tune in and invite your mom or daughter to the “Tea” table for an illuminating and soul-searching discussion on who you both are—inside and out.


(Nia on the challenges of developing internal self-awareness as a young adult.)


Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, working mom, single parent, re-entering empty-nester, or a tween or teen, the question of who you are is either a burning question or dancing at the edges of your mind. Sometimes we’re so busy that we feel there isn’t enough time to consider how we feel about much of anything. According to research, however, the trajectory of some of the most important relationships in our lives and our own happiness may be adversely affected by our level of self-awareness.

In this episode we discuss some interesting and compelling research done by organizational psychologist Dr. Tasha Eurich. She divides self-awareness into two main categories: how we view ourselves and how others view us. Per the research, she also reveals which type is most important and the study’s resulting four leadership archetypes.

Since parenting is a kind of leadership model, we explore the impact of the various types and levels of self-awareness, and the impact they might have on our familial, business and personal relationships.

To add even more dimension to the conversation, we took a mini-version of a free quiz offered by Dr. Eurich and reveal our results to one another for the first time live on the episode.

Tune in to find out how we scored and the conversation the results sparked. To take the test with your loved one, check out the link in the resources below. Whatever your results, the quiz is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your quiz partner. It also provides insights and information that we feel are  key to our growth as individuals and in relationship with others.

We hope our sharing inspires you to dig deeper into the topic of self-awareness. On this episode we:


  • Share Dr. Eurich’s definition of self-awareness and the results of her team’s research.
  • Discuss some myths associated with self-awareness.
  • Reveal the results of our self-awareness mini-quiz.
  • Reflect on the impact self-awareness has had on our relationship over the years.
  • Examine the four archetypes that evolved from the research and share ours.
  • Chat about barriers to an accurate measure of one’s self-awareness.
  • Tell you why asking “what” as opposed to “why” can save you angst and lead to heightened self-awareness.


Self-awareness is a trait – or maybe ‘practice’ is the more accurate way to put it – that everyone can always improve at. It is part emotional intelligence, part perceptiveness, part critical thinking. It means knowing your weaknesses, of course, but it also means knowing your strengths and what motivates you. -Neil Blumenthal


May we all continue to grow in self-awareness!


Enjoy the “Tea”,

Deb & Nia

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