Volunteering in your community is a win-win situation. Not only do you help those less fortunate than you are, there are many other benefits for both you and your children.

Nothing really compares to the feeling that comes from knowing that you made a difference in someone’s life. It is also a great way for young people of all ages to develop their empathy muscle. In addition, volunteering gives as much (sometimes more) to the giver as it blesses the receiver.

We made volunteerism a significant part of our core curriculum. It kept the entitlement gremlins at bay, allowed my daughter to develop skills she didn’t have, practice the ones she already possessed and broadened her social skills. And, the boost to her self-esteem was immeasurable. More importantly, I think, people who freely share their gifts where needed make the world a nicer place for all of us.

Check out these 15 benefits for giving back to your community.


15 Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering brings knowledge, experience and positivity to your life.


1. You’re reminded there’s a whole world outside of yourself. Giving back helps you de-focus from yourself and your own challenges while showing you the struggles and needs of others. It also helps curb a sense of entitlement in our children and teaches empathy.

2. Being a part of something bigger than yourself is rewarding.We’re reminded of the impact we can make on others when we become a part of something bigger. Giving back to the community allows you those experiences.It’s even more fun when you serve with friends.

3. Learn something new. Regardless of how you and your family decide to help your community, it’s likely you will all learn something you didn’t already know. It also reminds your children that learning happens everywhere.

4. Strengthen your confidence.Helping others can make us feel more positive about ourselves. It might be just the confidence boost you and/or your children need.

5. Gain work experience. Depending on the type of community work you do, you could learn something that will help you in your job or future work. It is also a great opportunity for students to begin building their resumes, and gain valuable new skills.

6. Make new contacts.Getting out and giving back to your community will help you meet more people. Because each person has a network of their own, you never know how far your positive influence could travel – it might one day result in a recommendation or job offer for adults and teens.

7. Helping others is a wonderful thing to do. It does your heart, mind and soul good to reach out to help others.

8. ecome known in the community. If you want more people to know and recognize you, helping others is a great public relations strategy. While it shouldn’t be a primary motivator, there is definitely some truth to the old adage, It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.”

9. Make new friends. Because you’ll encounter so many new people, you could meet people with whom you become friends. Connections with other “givers” can make life more joyful for connected.

10. Strengthen your community.While it is important for us to rally to the aid of those in other states and countries, volunteering near home contributes to your community by uplifting others in the community.

11. Know that you make a positive difference.Volunteering makes a difference to you, to the agency you volunteer for, and to your community. You never know when a small act by you or your child might transform a weary soul. Sometimes it comes in the form of a simple smile. Don’t forget to share yours!

12. We don’t operate in a vacuum. Living your best life involves making and maintaining connections with others. We never know when we might become the receiver, as opposed to the giver. Sharing your time and talents within the community develops a network of resources you’ll be able to access if you ever need them.

13. Add to your resume.After years of dedicated service to your children and families, you might wonder how you’ll justify years away from the workforce. Volunteering gives you marketable experiences and qualifications to include in your resume.

14. Volunteering is a real-life experience that can’t be had in the classroom.Invaluable lessons can be learned while volunteering. Some schools require it, and more colleges are seeing it as an important aspect when evaluating candidates. They understand that service learning provides a real-world experience to students that would be impossible to learn in the classroom.

15. View how others live. Children can sometimes get caught in the vacuum of the familiar. We sometimes are so careful choosing their environments that we risk creating a limited world for them.                     Homeschoolers are more vulnerable to living on a bubble since they have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of their choosing. Seeing how others live can expand everyone’s horizons and enhance the lives of all.

Community Volunteers Helps Us All

Giving back to your community is important for our children and us for a number of reasons. By volunteering, you can view a world outside of yourself, learn new things, develop positive feelings, gain job experience, and make new friends. Plus, helping out in your community is a kind and generous thing to do.

Volunteering allows us to feel more connected, make new friends, strengthen our communities, and even bolsters one’s resume.

When you and your children give back, you’ll experience things in the real world that can’t be simulated in any classroom and they’ll have the opportunity to see how others live. For these reasons and more, consider giving back to your community. You’ll be inspired. We were! 🙂


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