17 Effective and Creative Ways to Save Money

17 Effective and Creative Ways to Save Money

Saving money can be easier than you think. It’s possible to save a ton of money with some minor adjustments in your spending habits. The key is to save your savings. If you spend the money you save, you’re not gaining any ground.

Choose a few of these actionable ideas, or try them all!


1. Save your change and your $1 bills.

At the end of every day, place all of your change and $1 bills and deposit them into a container. You can recycle a can or jar, or, for fun,  create and decorate something just for this purpose. At the end of the month, deposit your collected treasure in the bank.

2. Choose cost-efficient light bulbs.

If you’re still using incandescent bulbs, replacing them with the newer fluorescent or halogen bulbs could save you hard-earned cash. Replacing 10 bulbs can save $150 each year.

3. Save $1 a week, then add $1 a week to your savings goal.

This is a simple way to ease into a savings routine. The first month, you’d save $10 (1+2+3+4). By the twelfth month, you’d be saving $202 per month (49+50+51+52). Even better, your savings account would be $1378 richer. If you continued for the next year, you could add an additional $4,082 to your growing bank account!

4. Shop after the holidays.

 It’s no secret that some of the best deals can be found after all of the holiday hustle and bustle. However, did you know that this applies to food as well? High ticket items such as lamb, turkey and other holiday food surplus are generally available for half, or more, off regular price. Freeze now, and enjoy later.

5. Make water your beverage of choice.

While there are countless health reasons to make the switch from expensive sugary and carbonated beverages, the money it saves can add up. Water is essentially free. And, even if you need to purchase it, it is still usually cheaper than other options.

6. Take advantage of coupons and Early Bird specials.

Saving money doesn’t have to mean that fun is off of the table. Eating out can provide the main cook a break, offer bonding and fellowship for friends and family, and is just plain fun. When available, take advantage of coupons, Groupon deals, lunch specials, and the Early Bird menu offered by many restaurants for their first customers of the evening.

7. Take time to find deals (and coupons) when shopping online and in-store.          

Groupon is a popular website in this category. Honey is another great rebate and savings option. Get a haircut for $5 and put the $10 you saved in the bank. An online coupon search could yield percentage savings of 10, 20, 30 or even more, both online and in-store.

8. Sign up for teacher discounts.

Many people aren’t aware of the numerous businesses who offer discounts for teachers, including home educators.Using them can really reduce your necessary homeschool costs. For example, Academic Super Store saved us hundreds of dollars on high-end software. With other vendors, you can find deals and discounts on everything from clothing to books, and more.

9. Bill yourself.

Monthly demands for money fill our mailbox every month. So, why not pay yourself first! Send yourself a bill and pay it!

10. Track and save your savings.

Be sure that all of your money-saving strategies really pay off for you. No matter how small, ensure that your “savings” find their way into your savings account.

11. Conserve water.

Shower instead of bathing. For added savings, lather up with the shower off. Not running the water unnecessarily while brushing your teeth or washing dishes could also yield savings on your bill. Sorry, well and septic home dwellers, this might help from a conservation standpoint, but it probably won’t save you any real money.

12. Ditch cable.

Cable costs can be quite high, so cutting the connection just might result in big savings. Instead, use the free internet at the library and rent movies. A more realistic option for most would be to cut back to an internet only package or reduce your current program to the most basic package.

13. Go to the movie theater during the day.

Most theaters open early in the morning, and ticket prices can be half of the cost of later shows. Also, many theaters now offer a $5 all day deal once a week. My local theater does so on Tuesdays. Check your local cinema to see if a similar offer is in place.

14. Use cold water for laundry.

Hot water can certainly clean some things more effectively. However, cold water is more gentle on clothes and avoids the expense of heating the was water. Where possible, using the cold water can save around 50 cents per load. That could add up over the course of a year…and so can your savings!

15. Support local farmers.

Our family is committed to eating organically as much as possible, which can be expensive. One of the greatest finds for us have been our local farms. We usually, save money over grocery store prices AND get to support local farmers and sustainable agriculture.

16. Consider grocery store brands.

I was, at one pint, leery of store brands. Then, I realized that they couldn’t possibly be producing all of the products bearing their label. It became a game to compare ingredient labels with brands. Sometimes, I’m even able to guess who’s really behind the store label. Either way, it’s certainly a great way to save money.

17. Don’t be lured in by “stuff” at the checkout line.

It’s a trap! Someone in marketing figured out that it was a good way to push our impulse buyer’s button. Even better, check yourself out. It’s a great way to catch the not-so-infrequent register errors.

Anything you do over time eventually becomes a habit. The success you experience is empowering. In no time, you’ll discover even more ways to feed your piggy bank. The result will be a savings account that evokes pride and excitement…and maybe enough extra to think about investing.


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