“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

Did you ever notice that some people tend to reach the success circle faster than others? You can see evidence in every area of life. Some people seem to lead lives marked by failure. Other folks just appear to have the “Midas Touch”. Or do they? Maybe the secret to their success is failing–and failing fast.

Sound crazy? It’s not really. Getting what you want out of life as soon as possible means that it is imperative that you fail–quickly and often. There is no faster way than failure to eliminate what doesn’t work so that you can discover what does.

Boldly Make Mistakes

Don’t avoid mistakes. And, absolutely don’t let the fear gremlins keep you from trying something bold, fear-inspiring, novel or new. Weighing the risks is fine; starting smaller allows you to fine tune your strategy if you fail. De-stigmatize the word “failure”. The only meaning the word has is the one you assign it. Failure simply means that you have discovered something that doesn’t work. Nothing more.

Learn From Each Failure

There are many wonderful lessons to be found within the anatomy of every failure. Examine each incident with care and maintain an open mind. We sometimes become so preoccupied with the picture we had in our minds of how we expected or wanted something to go that we miss new discoveries, happy accidents and clues regarding how to do it better next time. An open mind allows us to evaluate where we are more effectively, and craft a new plan that will either succeed or take us closer to our goal.

Perceive each courageous failure as an opportunity to grow, learn and expand. Add this new knowledge to your perseverance kit. Then, try again.

Don’t Quit

Nothing beats a failure like a try. Quitting is not an option if you want to reach your goals. Failing faster results in faster growth for you, which translates into forward momentum. When you’re working hard to reach your goals in life, giving up simply isn’t an option.  Many years ago, I read this sentiment in a poem that I never forgot. May it resonate for you as it did for me!

Happy Climbing!


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